As much as the e-commerce channel of Amazon is upending traditional brand values, it is also altering the value dynamics between corrugated packaging and other packaging forms, such as folding cartons.  It has driven a resurgence in corrugated packaging.  Similarly, long-term trends in innovation with polymers that have increased the applicability of plastic and flexible packaging are likely to get a further impetus from lower cost feedstocks stemming from the Oil & Gas sectors productivity gains with unconventional drilling.  Of course, heat intensive production of glass, paperboard and tin packaging substrates will benefit from the cost reductions created by new methods of natural gas extraction as well.

Denton Luke Associates helps clients gain objective insight into: emerging competitive forces and drivers of long term demand; unmet market needs and unexploited profit pools ripe for solutions development; and ways to penetrate business adjacencies for growth and differentiation.  We help leaders decide what to do once the objective facts and subjective considerations are known and their impact measured.

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