Barge, railroad and trucking lines are simultaneously competing and collaborating elements of the freight transportation picture. Moreover, within those broad industry classifications are long-haul and short-haul variants as well as specialized sub-sectors conforming to the type of freight being handled.  Companies in the surface transportation sector must strike the right balance between collaboration and competition with their peers to achieve the service levels demanded by customers without imposing excessive complexity and cost.

Issues for railroads include addressing the structural decline in coal shipments, ensuring cost and safety competitiveness with pipelines in the Oil & Gas sector, increasing collaboration between carriers to increase speed and flexibility to capture freight from the trucking industry.  Meanwhile, one of the most pressing issues for truckers centers on the availability of drivers due to new regulations, congested roadway infrastructure and demographic factors.

Denton Luke Associates helps clients gain objective insight into: emerging competitive forces and drivers of long term demand; unmet market needs and unexploited profit pools ripe for solutions development; and ways to penetrate business adjacencies for growth and differentiation.  We help leaders decide what to do once the objective facts and subjective considerations are known and their impact measured.

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