Is Your Business View Dragonfly?

September 1, 2015

Ed Denton

“Compared with humans, dragonflies have a limited ability to distinguish details and shapes of objects. But they are one of the insect kingdom’s best predators because their wide field of vision and ability to detect fast movements allow them to keep track of prey even among a swarm of insects.” 

Source: The Wall Street Journal, October 5, 2015



The dragonfly’s ability to identify and concentrate on what will bring it success amidst chaotic and confusing environments is analogous to what truly market-driven companies do to succeed. They zero in. 


Deep analyses of markets and customer transactions are what enable rich, solutions-oriented strategies that can position a business to capitalize on market shifts for growth, increase customer loyalty, and dictate competitive developments.  They also lead to discoveries about unmet customer needs, creating new options for growth by selling more to existing customers, penetrating new geographies or product adjacencies, and/or migrating along the value chain. 


  • Our insights have helped manufacturing companies see unexpected growth opportunities in markets they considered as lacking promise.
  • Our data-driven analyses of a client customers’ purchase patterns showed the way to tighter market segmentation for improved deployment of scarce commercial resources, higher product sales mix and reduced inventory carrying costs


Outstanding companies can exist in every business. Are you doing all you can to be one of them?





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